day care, child care, little angelsGood childcare is a must for any working parent. However, feelings of guilt and stress can make parents hesitant about leaving their child in the hands of another. A well run-quality day care program gives not only the reliable childcare you need but also has many other benefits for your child’s development. Here are some of the benefits of starting young children in child care at an early age.

Less Stress for Working Parents

For a lot of parents, working isn’t an option, so placing their child in day care is a necessity. Whether it is school or work, without day care, a parent may have to stay home, which can cause financial hardships. Don’t feel guilty if you have to take your child to day care while you work. Finding quality child care with a nurturing staff will help you be more calm and happy when you return to work.

Socialization Skills

Children who go to day care will be more used to being around other kids than ones who have one-on-one childcare. At day care, these children have opportunities to better their social skills and deal with different personalities and cultures. As they get older, the social skills they learn will pave the way for better relationships with their peers. Teaching children positive social skills helps them learn how to share, solve problems and be team players.

Learning the Basics

Studies have shown that children who go to day care may be more ready for school than those who stay at home. When you send your child to day care, they start to become accustomed to a structured day. Yes, you can instruct a babysitter or nanny to follow a specific schedule, but there are no guarantees that it will happen every day. With day care, you are not only getting your child used to a daily schedule, but they will also learn basic math and language skills. This gives your child the opportunity to pull ahead in their scholastic endeavors. Although most do not offer formal classroom instruction, your child will still benefit from the caring staff members who read to them and the introduction of basic colors, numbers, and letters. High-quality child care provided a small boost to their academic performance by fostering the early acquisition of school readiness skills.

Long-Lasting Benefits

Studies show that children who attend a quality day care have a higher likelihood of future success.  Those who spent their younger years in child care had easier transitions to elementary school and beyond. A 2012 study at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, published in the journal “Developmental Psychology,” found that children who attended a high-quality daycare were more likely to go on to college, have a job, and delay having children.

Quality day care programs spell success for the future. Start your child on the right path and contact Little Angels Child Care Center. Our program prides itself on achieving the highest standards of care for young children. We provide developmentally appropriate activities for children in all groups. Group activities and individual exploration combine to make each child’s day fun and full of learning opportunities. We firmly believe that, with teacher facilitation and extension, children learn best through play.