Mission Statement

Little Angels Child Care Center “LACCC” provides an innovative approach to child development and care in a high quality early childhood environment, serving children of working parents at Avon Products, Inc. as well as parents in the local community.
In an atmosphere of warmth and care, our early childhood professionals strive to help each child function as a member of a community, to understand their own and others’ rights and needs, and to enjoy working and playing with their peers.

LACCC has the following major goals:

  • Encourage each child’s personal and social development.  The developmental needs and interests of the children form the basis of the program.  LACCC strives for a balance between freedom of choice for the child and educator’s facilitation in order for children to learn to problem solve as well as follow directions.
  • Create a supportive and stimulating environment.
  • Foster strong relationships with the families of the children and to be a resource for the families.  Parents are encouraged to become involved in, and knowledgeable about their children’s growth and progress at the center.
  • We strive to support and cultivate the varying cultures represented in our Center.
  • Uphold the integrity of sound early childhood practices and be the premier program in the community.
  • Attempt to maintain excellence by hiring the most capable, caring and qualified early childhood professionals and by encouraging their professional growth.


Little Angels Child Care Center views each child as an individual, developing at his/her own pace and with unique learning styles and interests.  We are a play-based program, we believe children are active learners gaining knowledge about their world through hands-on experiences and social interaction with peers and adults. Activities are planned according to each child’s interests, abilities and developmental stage.

We believe children are competent, decision –making individuals, who need time and space to grow and learn and to just be themselves.  Our program is child centered, emphasizing cognitive as well as physical, social and emotional development.