Application Fee

A $75.00 non-refundable application fee is required for each child and will ensure placement on our waiting list.  This fee does not guarantee future enrollment.


The Little Angels Child Care Center Board of Directors sets tuition fees.  Your child is enrolled at the Center on a year-round basis. During any absences, including sickness, holidays and vacation, fee payments continue for each child.  Fees are subject to yearly increases each January.


A two-week, non-refundable tuition deposit is required for each child enrolled.  This deposit will be held without interest and will represent tuition payment for the last two weeks of the child’s enrollment.  The child is not considered officially withdrawn until a two-week notice is given to the Director, in writing.  See Withdrawal section, in this fee policy, for withdrawal requirements for children leaving to attend Kindergarten.


Payment of bi-weekly tuition will be made in advance of each two-week enrollment period according to the designated payment dates (see Payment Schedule).  Tuition payments are due by Friday, at 10 am, during a fee week.  A check made out to Little Angels Child Care Center Inc., should be left in the tuition box, located outside the Assistant Director’s office door.

If a child is not ready to start at the Center when an opening occurs, and the family is still interested in enrolling, tuition must be paid from the time of the opening to hold the available space.

For rate changes due to children turning 18 months and 3 years old, the rate will change on the following pay period.

In the event that the Center is closed on a Friday that a tuition payment is due, payment is required prior.


Receipts will be issued quarterly.

Late Payment

Tuition payments are due by Friday at 10 am of the predetermined fee week.  If payment is not received by that time, a $30 late fee will be added to your account and will be automatically due with your next tuition payment.

Any other fee (i.e. late pick-up fees, returned check fees, extra days) will be posted to your account on the date of occurrence and are also due with your next scheduled tuition payment.

Any payment received is automatically applied to the oldest charges posted to your account and late payment fees will be applied accordingly.  Therefore, if a tuition payment is missed, the account must be brought up to date by the next fee period (Friday, 10 am) or both fees will be considered late.

Any account not rectified in the manner described above will be considered in arrears.  If your account is in arrears, your child(ren) will be unable to attend the child care center starting the following Monday, until your account is current.  The Center will hold the spots(s) for a two-week period before offering it to another family on the waiting list.  Your deposit will be applied to this two-week holding period.  Once the account is current, you can only re-enroll if the spot(s) has not been filled.

Late Pick-Up Fee

Parents must arrive with sufficient time to exit the Center by closing time of 6:00 PM.  A late fee of $20 per fifteen minutes per child will be charged for any late pick-ups.  This fine is charged regardless of reason for lateness or prior notification from the parent that they will be delayed.  A late fee can only be waived at the discretion of the Center Director.  Excessive late pick-ups will warrant a meeting with the Director.

Return Check

A $20 banking fee charge will be assessed for all returned checks.


Your child is enrolled at the Center on a year-round basis. During any absence, including sickness or holidays, fee payments continue for each child.  When withdrawing your child, as much notice as possible is appreciated.  We require a minimum of two weeks notice to ensure 100% return of your deposit.

For families, whose children will be attending Kindergarten in the fall, and have plans to withdraw their child between the months of June and August, for reasons such as attending camp prior to Kindergarten, a Last Day Notification for Children Leaving to Attend Kindergarten Form must be filled out and returned to the office by mid April (exact date in April will be indicated on the form and changes year to year).  This form supersedes and makes null the two week notification policy.  The date given in this form indicates the date of your last tuition payment

Tuition payments for families withdrawing children (disability leave including pregnancy and extended absences, etc.) will continue at full rate.  If tuition payments stop, a child will come off the roster and can only re-enroll if the slot has not been filled. Extended absence arrangements require approval from the Center Director.

Change in Status Requests

Families who wish to change their enrollment status (Full Time – Part-Time for example) must submit the Enrollment Change Request Form with as much notice as possible. We require, at minimum, 4 weeks notice.  If the requested status change is currently available in the classroom the request will be granted. If the requested status change is not available the request will be denied until such time the Center can accommodate the request.   It will be at the Director’s discretion to grant any requests beyond these parameters based on current Center needs.

Part Time

Part time children are expected only on their assigned days. Switching days or paying for an extra day(s) for part time children is not always possible and is discouraged.  The Center Director may approve requests depending on licensing regulations and only under extenuating circumstances but not to compensate for a scheduled closing.

Sibling Discount

A tuition fee discount will be offered to full-time families with more than one child enrolled at the Center.  For families with two children enrolled, the discount will be 15% off the tuition cost for the oldest child enrolled.  For families with three or more children enrolled, the discount will be 20% off the tuition cost for the oldest child enrolled.

Tuition Adjustment

Tuition is reviewed annually, by the Board of Directors. Typically, increases occur in January during yearly budgeting.  However, an adjustment can be made at any time upon 30 days notice.