Once enrolled we ask for at least 2 week’s notice when you would like to withdraw your child.  If 2 week’s notice is given you will have your initial deposit applied to that balance.  If two week’s notice is not given you will forfeit your deposit.
Tuition payments for families not sending their child to the Center for extended periods of time (due to disability leave including pregnancy, extended absences, vacations, etc.) will continue.  If tuition payments stop, a child will come off the roster and can only re-enroll if the slot has not been filled.  If you anticipate that your child will be away from the Center for an extended period, you must notify the Center’s Director.

For families whose children will be attending Kindergarten in the Fall, and have plans to withdraw their child between the months of June and August a last day must be provided in mid- April of that year.  This notification supersedes and makes null the two week notification policy. The date given in this form indicates the date for which tuition payments are required.