Health Care Consultant

The Center employs a Health Care Consultant from the Child Care Council of Westchester. She conducts site visits to ensure compliance with the Center’s policies and procedures as noted in the Health Care Plan. She works with the Director to ensure children’s medical records and immunizations are up to date.


We realize how important it is for a child on medication to receive all of the required doses.  This often means that medication needs to be administered at the Center.  Little Angels Child Care Center is willing to administer medication, however, we strictly follow guidelines set forth by The New York State Office of Children and Family Services.  Our policy requires a Written Medication Consent Form to be completed by the prescribing physician and the parents.  At any time, Little Angels may refuse to administer medication and will advise parents accordingly.  All requests for administering medication must be directed to the Executive Director upon arrival for approval before medication can be administered.

Prescription and Non – Prescription

The New York State Office of Children and Family Services administers strict guidelines in the area of dispensing medication to children in our care.  All employees who administer medication are required to participate in the New York State Medication Administration Training Course as well as be certified in First Aid and CPR.  Participants demonstrate proficiency with dosage amounts, charting, medication storage, vital signs, and State of New York protocols.

A child may not be given any medication, prescription or non-prescription, variation in diet or any other remedy or treatment nor can medical procedures be carried out without the completed Written Medication Consent Form.  Little Angels will NOT administer any medication unless we have proper documentation that includes orders directly from the physician.

  • Medication must be carefully labeled with the child’s full name.
  • Medicine must always be brought in its original container with the prescription label.
  • Never bring medicine in a food container or put medicine in your child’s bottle.


A child with a contagious condition for which antibiotics have been prescribed may not attend the Center until he/she has been on the medication for 24 hours or until such time as the child is no longer contagious.  A child with a non-contagious condition on antibiotics may return as soon as the medication has taken effect and the child is well enough to participate in the day’s activities.